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Duvet Cover

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Top Quality and Flawless Duvet Cover & Bedding Sets

Expert in designing, manufacturing, and exporting home textile fabric for B2B customers all around China, Tianjiao aims to provide relaxation, beauty, and extra comfort, with our affordable and high-quality duvet cover & bedding sets.

Supported with professional sourcing and an owned manufacturing facility, designing, and development team, we are selling bedding products and also promoting a refreshing and healthy living style.

Why Choose Us

Excellent and Organic Fabric:

Made of 100% flax fiber. Our duvet cover & bedding sets are made from excellent linen that has fine breathability, softness, durability, and moisture absorption to create satisfying bedding essential for your customers.

All Season Round Comfort:

Due to its high wicking perspiration and air permeability, our linen bedding set always retains its dryness and freshness. These make you feel comfortable on chilly nights and cool on warm nights while ensuring all-season comfort.

Precise and Secure Fit:

Button closure and corner ties ensure and secure your quilt, duvet, and down comforter in an ultra-concise fit away from slipping. Button closure that is hidden makes take off and put on the duvet cover easier while aiming for extra durability.

Distinctive Home Decoration:

The set of the linen duvet cover has a close to organic feeling, alongside robust classic color. Simple yet stylish design gives casual sophistication and manufactures a soothing retreat. Our duvet cover and bedding sets are coordinated with room décor while the linen bedding set gives an elegant yet understated ambiance. 

What Sets us Apart

Finest Quality

We choose premium linen, textured via stone wash progress. It all makes the fabric absorbent, super breathable, skin-friendly, and soft. We aim for extreme comfort.

Manufactured through a stylish transparent hidden-button closure with durability to add a touch of luxury to your bedding space.

Machine Washability

Our duvet cover & bedding sets are machine washable; making them easy to care for. No shrink, no pilling, no labor tests, and no fade. All these show that the duvet covers retain their shape and stay new after frequent washes.  

You won’t have any flaws in our duvets and bedding sheets. If you do, we are here for you.