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Leading Duvet Cover & Bedding Sets Manufacturer 

Chinese enterprise Changxing Tianjiao Textile Co., Ltd. (Tianjiao) produces duvet covers and bedding sets for its various customers.

We assure you that we can easily match the needs and specifications of your company because of our 25 years of professional experience in the bedding industry.

We are one of the most well-known duvet cover & bedding sets manufacturers and Microfiber fabric suppliers in China and that is because of our commitment to strive for the best every day. Our goal is to provide superior service to our clients and, in the end, create a win-win scenario.

Why Choose Us Among Other Duvet Cover & Bedding Sets Suppliers?

Do you want to sell duvet cover & bedding sets that appeal to your customers? Our fabric and quality are unbeatable to any other brand.

At Changxing Tianjiao Textile Co., Ltd. (Tianjiao), you will find a perfect fit, unique stitching, and excellent quality duvet cover and bedding sets in China.

While choosing a suitable duvet cover and bedding sets manufacturer or supplier, you may compare our fabric with other companies,

which will help you see an evident difference in the durability of the fabric. We make fabric that has a long life to offer to our customers so they can achieve value for their money. 

Benefits of Our Duvet Cover & Bedding Sets 

  • Lightweight and Comfortable Fabric

Our duvet cover & bedding sets are quite lightweight and comfortable when it comes to sleeping on them. Our quality and style go with every bedroom decor that your customers ask for. All pieces of the duvet cover & bedding sets compliment each other in the best way possible. 

  • Luxurious Design and Style

While offering a cozy warmth, our duvet cover & bedding sets have the perfect tone of colors, pattern, and luxurious design to give you stylish bedding designs. The best part of our bedding sets and duvet cover is that they are best for year-round use. 

  • High Environmental and Safety Standards

We manufacture all our products using fabric that does not harm the environment in any way. Our products are completely safe to use for all our customers.